about problematic tree felling

Treefelling,landclearing & property development

Treepro is a highly specialised and experienced tree felling arbori-cultural company which is dedicated to the health of mature proper pruning techniques prescribed by the I.S.A. (International Society of Arboriculture) and the N.A.A. (National Arborists Association). We do harvesting to F.S.C. (Forest Stewardship Council) standards.

Treepro specialises in the felling of problematic trees eg. between houses and powerlines. We are able to, and are very much involved in the transplant of mature trees. We have the necessary knowledge and experience concerning rope access work and rigging to move heavy equipment, machinery, structures, etc. which we were doing while operating in Johannesburg.The company has branched out and aquired machinery for large scale landclearing ,invasive alien control and property development which we do using our bell loggers and woodchipper.We are able to use  our earth moving machinery to dig out tree stumps,build roads ,dams and necessary infrastructure.

We are situated in Wittedrift near Plettenberg Bay, where we have been operating since 2001.

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